Paladin Capital Advisors is very pleased to announce the closing of a successful transaction on behalf of Azgard Solar for the divestiture of their MicroFit Solar Farm assets located in Ontario, Canada. Azgard Solar hired the Paladin as the exclusive M&A advisory, financial and deal management service team. The acquisition by Community Energy Development Co-operative Ltd. enables Azgard Solar to advance the Company’s ongoing growth and expansion plans in Western Canada. CED Co-op benefits by growing and consolidating its Ontario-based solar portfolio.


About Azgard Solar
Early in 2010, Azgard began developing and building solar energy projects in Ontario. Over the years, Azgard designed and built a variety of solar systems for its own portfolio as well as for municipalities comprising more than 2.3 MW projects from northwestern Ontario to the Northwest Territories. Azgard continues to own and operate its Black Bay and Deep River projects as well as offering a full range of solar products including its proprietary-designed SunRanger ground mounted solar racking system.


About CED Co-op
Community Energy Development Co-operative (CED Co-op) acquired the Azgard MicroFit solar assets from Azgard Solar adding to its extensive portfolio throughout the Ontario region. CEDC is a renewable energy co-operative that generates clean green energy through 27 Feed–In Tariff contracts from the Ontario Power Authority thereby generating stable returns for its 800 members.


About Paladin Capital Advisors
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