Our Services

Operating as a boutique investment bank and management consultancy for private business, our primary focus is being highly skilled mergers and acquisitions advisors, strategists and value builders.

Mergers and acquisitions in the private marketplace aren’t as simple as the amount of money a company makes or has in the assets. Numbers are important, but they are only the beginning. We specialize in business intangibles and being able to see what drives the numbers and true investment value. As a boutique investment bank and management consultancy, we specialize in trusted business advisory to CEO’s and owners of privately‐owned, small-medium enterprises.

Private business mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are continuing to become more sophisticated and complex, especially in the lower‐middle market‐sized business marketplace. Private company M&A is not the same as for well‐known public companies. The market for private enterprise is inefficient and causes large swings and gaps in valuation and deal terms. This is often due to a lack of transparency, weak marketing exposure and low awareness. Growing numbers of baby‐boomer‐owned companies are looking to divest while buyers are becoming more sophisticated, discerning and demanding.

Multi-million-dollar transactions don’t happen on a paper napkin. If you’re not prepared your company may be passed-by or receive a lower transaction value than it should. Worse still, if you’re not aware you may miss important deal terms that could cause financial loss, and/or grief and harm after closing a deal.

Our Expertise

For over 25 Years, CEOs from hundreds of privately‐owned companies have selected us to create and realize value in their businesses. Paladin CMS Advisors is a western Canadian, boutique investment bank and business advisory consultancy dedicated to privately‐held, low‐mid‐market‐sized businesses. We respect the creation and realization of enterprise value for shareholders.

Our Promise

Paladin sees its clients as people with goals, hopes, dreams and ambitions, not as faceless transactions.

We promise to:

  • Properly value your business and act with integrity
  • Leverage our extensive, industry-diverse international network
  • Pay attention to your requirements
  • Use our collective knowledge to be thorough
  • Create a smooth transition during the sale process
  • Showcase your company and the value behind it
  • Provide personal attention and care
  • Be diligent and persistent
  • Use professional business ethics, standards, processes and systems
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