Business Plans Advisory

In the last 26 years, Paladin CMS has enabled hundreds of companies achieve rapid and continuous growth through effective planning. We can help your business achieve the lean fit and the strategic competitive advantage that it needs to grow faster and lead the market.

Business and Strategic Plans Advisory

Successful planning requires a deep understanding of your businessand its current standing, its customers and value creation processes, its strengths and weaknesses, and the external and internal environments.

In order to unlock significant growth, we ascertain where you stand, where you need to go, and what challenges and opportunities you can expect on your way. Here are some of the things we do.


Business Process Definition and Reengineering

The strategizing process starts with a no-stones-left-unturned analysis of your value proposition and the value creation processes. We determine which particular processes are crucial and which ones need to be improved, outsourced, or abolished in order to boost efficiency and growth.


Acquisition of a Unique Competitive Advantage

We research your competition and consider your strengths and limitations to determine how to design and position your product or offer, so that you gain a decisive and lasting edge over your competitors.


Key Performance Indicators

Your goals are the ends, plans are the paths that take you there, and KPIs are the milestones that tell you whether you’re on track and on time. Selecting and monitoring the right KPIs is critical for evaluating and benchmarking your performance and applying corrections.


Financial Ratio Analysis

Financial ratios reveal a lot about the strengths and limitations of your business—your capital requirements, profitability, business value, and more. An analysis of the key ratios allows us to prepare the groundwork for strategic business planning and predict your financing needs.


Profitability Analysis

Winning companies deliver superior value to the customer through a lean value chain that wastes no resources. The Profitability Analysis helps us trace out the loopholes in your value creation and delivery mechanism, and find ways for you to earn more for each dollar spent.


Efficiency Analysis and Improvement Planning

After gaining deeper insights into your business, we move to the intricate process of efficiency analysis at each step, in one or all of your business functions, creating a granular roadmap showing how the proposed improvements will be implemented and what the results will look like.


Financial Forecasting Full Proforma-Building & Modelling

We use modern BI and financial modeling tools to prepare accurate forecasts that are the true reflections of the results you will achieve and the gaps you’ll need to fill.


Financial Coaching

With our rich experience in debt, equity, budgeting, and all other areas of finance, we can coach and mentor your top management to take the right decisions that lead to business success.


Financial & Market Feasibility Studies

Market Feasibility Studies help you find out if your plans will hold up in the real world. Financial Feasibility tells you if you have the resources to build the product the market wants, and if you’ll be able to find financers.


Business Loan and Grant Applications

Rapid growth can fuel your need for capital. Nonprofits or certain other businesses may qualify for grants they can use for expansion. That’s why we have a loan and grant processing service that puts your house in order to get you the funding you need.