Our CEO Board & Services

Do you find yourself in unfamiliar territory when facing critical businessdecisions? Would you or your associates say your Board meetings are too often a waste of time? Do you think your company may be losing focus and lacking the skills needed to grow your business to the next level?Are strategic initiatives simply not getting done? Is your company’s value languishing?

These are signs your business needs Paladin’s CEO and Board Services to supercharge your company’s effectiveness and accelerate success.

Is Your Army Led by a Lion?

Alexander the Great said he wasn’t afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep, but an army of sheep led by a lion is a powerful force. Though his words are timeless, leading today’s dynamic organizations takes much more than valour.In order to be led by a lion, an organization must have a strategically aligned, effective,and cohesive governance teamin the driver’sseat.Paladin’s CEO & Board Services give your business everything it needs to become the army even Alexander feared.

Becoming a Leadership Lion

Outstanding corporate governance and company performance begins with an exceptional Board of Directors, Advisory Board and Executive Team.  Your leadership’s strengths and weaknesses, skills, culture, strategic alignment, accountability structures and processes of management decision-making are critical to becoming a “Leadership Lion.”


Paladin CMS: Turning Lambs into Lions

As a member of your team, a Senior Paladin Executive acts as the binding glue tobuild a stronger team with a unified vision. We are the catalyst that triggers and invigorates forward thinking. We bring extraordinary coaching abilities, business knowledge, professional networks,and understanding of human behavior to the Board. Whether as a coaching attaché to the President, CEO or the Executive Team, an Advisory Board member or as a member of your Board of Directors, Paladin’sSenior Associates always advise you in your best and long-term interest.Since we see your company strategically, we’re focused on achieving major milestones and increasing your shareholders’ investment value.

How Paladin Adds Value to Your Business

With a lifetime of experience in advising, coaching, and mentoring business leaders, Paladin gives you insight into marketplace dynamics, predicts future trends, introduces you to customers, suggests alliances, and facilitates funding. We advise you on key strategic matters in all areas of business, and assist you in devising and executing plans to attain a strategic competitive advantage and achieve long-term continuous growth.Where needed, we help you make the right decision to revamp structures, reengineer processes, formulateKPI’sto measure andstrengthen accountability, because what gets measured gets done.


Better Decisions You Can Count On

In addition to their professional knowledge and gravitas, your board members should evidence the best leadership qualities—qualities that each of Paladin’s senior associates possesses.

Sound Judgement

Have great judgment to save you from trouble and help you make better decisions about tough choices, such asstrategy, financings, M&A opportunities, legal issues, management, succession, organizational design, competitive advantage, resource allocations, corporate alignment, and more.

Wisdom& Foresight

Have the wisdom and foresight to think strategically and perceive opportunities, anticipate the future and see pitfalls that stand between you and your goals.

Contextual Experience

Wisdom and judgment are products of experience, both hard-knocks and successes. You need Directors who have successfully led, supervised, or advised businesses under challenging conditions.

Interest & Commitment

Do not confuse a brilliant record with commitment and motivation. In order to make a difference, your Directors should be fully engaged and committed to your success.

Courage & Character

An effective board member must have the courage to make tough calls even when the answer is not appreciated or there are serious repercussions of making a wrong call.

Great Coaching Skills

Effective Directors ask questions to let the CEO look further into the future or see a different angle and act as sounding boards to let you voice your concerns or test ideas.

Grow Faster, Fly Higher with Paladin

Paladin CMS helps you achieve your strategic objectives by becoming a part of your team and working from the inside to make your governance and top leadership more effective, cohesive, and goal-oriented. In the last 26 years, we have successfully assisted the CEOs and senior executives of hundreds of different companies from dozens of different industries, each with different needs, objectives, and cultures.

With a proven background of making businesses become stronger and grow faster through better strategic leadership, our senior associates are a valuable asset to have on your Board of Directors, Advisory Board, or as a Senior Coach.