Placing your business in the hands of strangers to sell can feel overwhelming and shouldn’t be taken lightly. You don’t have to take our word for how detailed we are at our jobs, we have over 25 years worth of happy customers who can tell you all about how we helped.


“Thanks for everything you did for us to facilitate and guide us through the sale. We wouldn’t have made it without you.”

H. Gerritson
Principal, ECM


“I was very impressed with Paladin’s organized and methodical approach to all matters involved in the sale. He took the time and interest to understand all facets of our business in order that we could properly present the company to the prospective purchasers. The materials presented were accurate, factual and in all cases, well researched and relevant. In our case the purchaser hired a national accounting firm to complete their due diligence, and I can say unequivocally that Paladin had answers to all of their multitudes of question in advance.”

G. Stewart
CEO, Braden Burry Expediting


“Being the president of a mid‐sized company in Calgary, I was looking for an advisor to help strengthen our company with the idea of investing in the future. Our company selected several advisors through recommendations and finally selected Paladin CMS. Initially the board had some reservations, as Paladin is a smaller company, and we were unsure if Paladin would have a large customer base (contact network) to fulfill their needs. After conducting interviews and due diligence, our fears were eliminated and they were very happy with Paladin’s services.”

P. Pare
President, Korite International


“Thank you so much for leading us through the sale of our business. Your expertise and professionalism was so appreciated. You were my mentor!”

F. Benard


“We are consistently impressed by the high quality Confidential Information Memorandums that we receive from Paladin CMS after we express our initial interest in an opportunity. The CIMs provide comprehensive summaries of the target companies, well beyond just the basic financial information. This in turn allows us to quickly determine at a high level if an opportunity has the potential to be suitable for our private equity fund.”

Johnathan Klimo, BCom
Senior Analyst, KV Private Equity


“In 2006 I decided I wanted to sell my business due to the economy and a necessary move that I needed to make. I remembered Paladin giving a presentation explaining what he specialized in (as far as selling corporate businesses) and the steps his company takes to evaluate and market that business. I had no doubt in my mind that I wanted to work with Paladin as he was very knowledgeable and professional.”

G. Picard
CEO, Alberta Retail Display Group


“In our first initial meeting we found Calvin honest and very easy to talk to and immediately thought this was a great fit. In dealing with him we found Calvin to be very reliable, dedicated and eternally upbeat. Paladin is organized, diligent and brings an outstanding level of service & professionalism. The success of any sale depends in large measure on the team assembled and the team’s ability to communicate & work collaboratively towards the goal. Calvin and his team were amazing in bringing the deal together on all fronts. Paladin’s service to Westland Electric Ltd. was above & beyond normal expectations and their contribution commendable. The Paladin team has my highest recommendation.”

D. Ramsey
President, Westland Electric


“My business partner and I decided to look into some sort of succession planning to sell our business or have someone else run it. We went to see a professional advisor that we trusted, to get some insight on what our options were, and were immediately referred to Paladin. The advisor ensured us that if we were looking to sell that Paladin was more than capable of looking after us and that we would be in good hands. We sat down and spoke with Paladin, listened to his pitch, and instantly wanted to work with him.”

M. Jennings
President, House of Mirrors


“As a business owner, sooner or later the time will come for you to sell your business and transition to the next phase of your life. For me this time arrived early 2014. I quickly realized that running a successful business did not give me the skills and connections to accomplish this. I needed help. My work with Calvin and his team at Paladin CMS was aimed at finding potential buyers, negotiating a deal, building the relationships amongst all parties, working through the many financial aspects and culminating in closing the transaction. I was thrilled with the result as we sold the business within 4 months of engaging the services of Paladin CMS. What I appreciated the most about working with Calvin was his ability to build confidence with all parties and advise and guide me through all the financial considerations. The entire experience was truly rewarding for me from many aspects. I would recommend the Paladin team to anyone considering a business transition.”

K. Pearson
President, Aspen HVAC


“We worked with Calvin and his team for over 4 years on developing our exodus and retirement plan. They helped groom the owners and our management team in preparing us and our company for the sale and transition of our business. Paladin then took our company to market and did a great job sourcing and vetting [multiple] potential buyers. When we selected the successful bidder Paladin was there to help us with negotiations and working through the sales process. We found Calvin and his Paladin team very professional, courteous and most of all patient with our team members and the owners. We highly recommend Paladin for your business coaching, evaluation or selling your business.”

S. Van der Meer
President, Northwest Equipment


“Paladin’s deal lead is a skilled negotiator, an extremely dedicated part of the team and was very helpful in developing our strategy that led to the successful sale. I enjoyed working with Paladin, appreciated their integrity and honesty and would highly recommend his services to anyone interested in positive results.”

G. Stewart
Braden Burry Expediting

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