In October 2015, Paladin hosted a roundtable and dinner discussion for past-clients to their share their experiences about completing the sale of their business in a candid, informal, and (completely) unscripted forum so that it may help others to understand important M&A issues on the sell-side.

We wish to express our deep and sincere, “Thank You” to all of our wonderful, past-clients for their participation and candor when sharing their M&A experiences and wisdom so others may benefit. With your deals all done and our shared experiences, we look to keep everyone of you as friends, a blessing far more valuable than having you as past-clients.

Paladin also wishes to thank our professional deal-team members and co-sponsors, Burstall Winger Zammit (Douglas McCartney) and Felesky Flynn (Timothy Kirby) for their support, professionalism and human-ness. Real people doing real deals, going the extra mile and actually caring.



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