Mergers and acquisitions are about far more than just the raw numbers. The true value of your company is a delicate mix of the total money coming in, as well as other, more intangible factors that many might overlook. Paladin is a company dedicated to helping companies realize their value and to help guide mergers, sales, and acquisitions so that business owners get what they are truly worth. We want to identify, develop, and realize what we call the “investment value” in your business.

What is investment value?

Unlike raw numbers such as total employees, expenses, and revenue, investment value is something more intangible. It is the quality of the potential within your business in regards to a specific investor’s circumstances and criteria. They are not visible on your ledger, but to trained and experienced professionals, they are clear as day. Sophisticated investors will look deeper than your financial statements and see the real investment value of your business, and not just how things look on the surface.

What other factors play into investment value?

Since determining investment value for your company is as much art as it is science, there are many factors that go into our analysis. We determine your company’s value not only in the present, but also in terms of its potential for growth and how ready it is for the future. Some of the factors that need to be taken into account are:

  • Business strategy
  • The overall economy
  • Government legislation
  • Your technological capabilities(including knowledge)
  • Management autonomy
  • Sustainability

These are not all of the factors, as many other things come into play during our analysis.

The Paladin advantage

We have been helping guide businesses and M&A transactions in the private sector for 25 years, and our advantage comes in our dedication to determining the more nuanced aspects of value in your company. Our boutique investment and business advisory consultancy is dedicated to mid-market sized businesses. We are patient and work with you to realize your goals by leveraging our experience to increase your market attractiveness.

If your ultimate goal is to transition ownership and gain profit, then you need a consultancy that understands how nuanced this situation can be. Paladin realizes that your true value is not in your raw numbers, but in the investment value of your company. We have been helping business owners find this value for decades. Now that you know what investment value is, you need experienced consultants who can help you find yours.